Our Aircraft Appraisal Details the Most Accurate and Reliable Valuation

Working with 120 countries and handling an average of 12,000 transactions each year, we know what is happening in today’s marketplace. We are ready to provide appraisal reports for all types of aircraft that are unbiased, accurate, reliable, and readable.

What is Aircraft Appraisal?

AIC Title Service has direct access to the FAA, accredited ASA appraisers, USPAP compliance and full E & O Insurance coverage. We are ready to tailor an aircraft appraisal report to meet your specific requirements.

AIC provides a full range of valuation services:

  • Opinion of Value
  • Full appraisals
  • Desktop appraisals
  • Residual forecasting
  • Market Studies
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Diminution of value analysis
  • Special project needs
  • Aircraft Buyers Agent
What is Aircraft Appraisal?

Meet Our VP of Aircraft Appraisal

Barrie Roesler
Member of the AIC Team Since 2015

"My favorite part of my job is the people, along with the innovative and forward-thinking culture throughout the entire company. Our innovation, technology, and dedicated team of professionals are what make AIC the best in the industry."

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