We make aviation services innovative.

Over the last 30 years, AIC Title Service has distinguished itself as the most innovative and technologically superior aviation services provider in the industry.

Our custom-built software improves aviation-service workflows and creates efficiencies in every step of the Title, Escrow, and Documentation process. Our goal is to make any aircraft related transactions as smooth as possible so our clients spend less time filling out documents and more time in the air.

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Aircraft Closing Room™

Title Services

Our team of Title Examiners handle over 15,000 title searches each year.

We have been experts in aviation title services for over 30 years. Every second counts in this industry. That’s why it’s essential your title search and reports are handled properly, efficiently, and professionally.

AIC is one of the only aircraft title companies providing online title searches. Cutting edge technology allows us to perform your title search extremely quickly and process documentation requests twice as fast as the competition.

Title Search and Reports includes:

  • Ownership Info
  • Lien Status
  • Major Alterations & Repairs (337s)

Title Search Without Reports includes:

  • Ownership Info
  • Lien Status
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Our Examiners

Cindy Crawford

Bryan Vaughan

Vicki Nichols

Gene Vallandingham

Teresa Pexa

Title Insurance

Your best defense: premier investment protection with our title insurance

AIC procures aircraft title insurance for both owners and lenders for any US/FAA registered aircraft. FAA aircraft ownership regulations and laws affect very mobile and expensive equipment which can make for some pretty complex and risky transactions.

We can obtain trusted title insurance protection against:

  • Forged or fraudulently submitted instruments in FAA records.
  • Improperly or insufficiently executed escrow closings.
  • Interests filed AFTER ownership change documented in FAA records by lien claimants not in possession of an aircraft before the equipment (and policy) were purchased.
  • Federal tax liens up to $250,000 (or face amount of policy, if less than $250,000). Federal Tax Liens are NOT filed at the FAA!
  • And much more.


Former American Banking Association CEO and former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating discusses the pros and cons of obtaining a legal opinion of title versus title insurance when purchasing an aircraft.


Partner AIC’s Executive V.P. and General Counsel, Bruce Marshall, details the level of security that title insurance provides AvSure’s aircraft buyers and sellers, protection that takes place if a claim is ever brought against you. Request Services

Our Title Insurance Specialists

Bruce Marshall

Madeline Burget

Document Filing

Enhanced document security with in-house storage at AIC

Trust AIC Title Service to submit documentation to the FAA on your behalf. We understand the complexities of FAA rules and regulations and stay up-to-date on changes. If your documents are sent out of order, or have just one mistake, they may reject it.

Ink signed documents, when completed, should be forwarded to AIC Title Service for filing. Service Fees are commensurate with the degree of difficulty and time involved. Filing fees and title search charges are quoted separately.

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Our Document Specialists

Callie Meier

Julia Reyor

Lien Clearance

Clearing the way to close your transaction

Our lien clearance service takes care of the time-consuming task of cleaning up aircraft title problems. Title searches often reveal old liens or clouds on an aircraft or engine’s title. For the new owner to have a clear title, that lien must be released, and a cloud on a title corrected.

We’ll contact the necessary parties and get the corrective documents on your behalf, if available, and make sure you’re clear to close.

AIC’s Lien Clearance Service is your alternate solution to the time consuming task of cleaning up aircraft title problems. We’ll contact the necessary parties and get the corrective documents on your behalf (if available). This is an investigative service to help the growing numbers of aircraft owners who find themselves facing titles that are encumbered with errors.

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Our Lien Clearance Specialists

Callie Meier

International Registry

AIC interacts with 140 of the world’s 196 countries annually.

The International Registry — under the legal framework of the Cape Town Convention — may impact your aircraft transaction. This treaty covers airplanes certified with eight or more total seats and helicopters certified with at least five seats and engines rated at 550 horsepower or more.

The registry’s procedures are simple but rather technical. If you do not follow them correctly, your lien will be at risk and you may lose these interests to competing creditors or purchasers. It requires a professional to execute and interpret your title search and registration accurately. Ours are standing ready to help you get quality legal opinions and/or title insurance covering these risks.

Call for more International Registry information on these areas:

  • Owning, leasing, & financing engines and documentation
  • Cape Town FAA aircraft registration
  • Importing & exporting aircraft
  • Lien perfection
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Our International Registry Specialists

Becky Carmichael

Tonya Campbell

FAA Registration

Don’t Lose Your N-Number; Let us Register Your Aircraft with the FAA

Registering or re-registering your aircraft requires expert understanding of the FAA’s requirements. We stay up-to-date on current rules and regulations so no documents get rejected. Our proprietary system monitors your aircraft’s registration status with the FAA. Trust your FAA registration to our team.

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Our FAA Specialists

Victoria Hall

Bethany Nichols


Trust our expert aviation Escrow agents to handle all your closing needs.

Your AIC Escrow agent will act as the central contact person for all parties to your transaction, including: buyers, sellers, lending institutions, brokers, attorneys, insurance agents, accountants and other professionals or party representatives.

Typically, transaction funds are wire transferred to our Escrow Bank Account. During this time, our escrow agents receive, organize and review the documents related to your transaction for compliance with FAA rules and regulations.

On the day of closing, your Escrow Agent receives instructions from the parties as to the disposition of the funds and the documents. If everything is in order and the documents to be filed at the FAA are in proper form, we will wire the funds and file the documents at the FAA in accordance with the instructions.

AIC reserves the right to decline any escrow. Further, if a controversy arises, we will return all monies and documents to the remitters thereof, unless contrary to proper written instructions, or interplead the funds with the courts. Any legal fees, court costs, or related fees that are incurred in any of those instances will be paid, prior to remittance, out of the funds held in escrow.

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Our Escrow Agents

Suzanne Pruitt

Cheri Payne

Sheila Allen

Melissa Koboldt

Jonathan Williams

Amy Wilson

Hayden Sanders

Sydney Montgomery

Darzhane Gresham

Abby Hill

Julie Sterling

Skylar Eason

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